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Quanta Marine pipelay-845x321

QMS offers world-class conventional S-Lay pipeline installation services. This includes pipeline welding solutions ranging from industry standard downhill cellulosic (stick) welding or….

Quanta Marine burial-845x321

QMS provides an array of pipeline burial solutions for all pipeline lowering requirements in the State and Federal waters of the U.S. Whether for temporary or permanent….

Quanta Marine reversepipelay-845x321

Once a pipeline’s lifecycle had ended, QMS can provide complete flushing, filtration, pigging, product recovery and abandonment services. QMS can also physically….

Quanta Marine tie_in-845x321

QMS can provide full subsea tie-in and subsea infrastructure installation services for all pipeline tie-in work using surface air, saturation diving or ROV.  QMS has experience….

Quanta Marine shore_approach-845x321

QMS provides shore approach and shore crossing services for pipeline and trunklines that transition from land to offshore. QMS utilizes horizontal directional drilling….

Quanta Marine umbilical-845x321

QMS can perform umbilical installation services using portable vertical and horizontal umbilical reel systems. QMS can install and bury bundled umbilical, fiber optic and pipelines….